warnings of counterfeit money

England notes . Most business owners don’t immediately think about counterfeit money until a clerk gives your money a second glance.

The Hewitt restaurant Pee-Crabcakes Wee’s of Texas was the victim of counterfeit money. accumulating losses of almost $800. England notes

The proprietor of the restaurant wrote on Facebook that they sold more than 400 dishes yesterday and that they are doing everything they can to make up for their lost assets.

Owner of Freedom Nutrition Caleb Klous thinks it’s critical to know who is entering and leaving your place of business because he recognizes the anxiety associated with being conned.

Klous said, “You know, do business with people that you trust and with those that do business with you because there will always be evil people in the world and people attempting to take advantage.

“If you’re a business owner, you know, just make sure that you truly know your consumer, you know, be involved with them,” the speaker continues. It cannot be done to prevent situations like these, but it will also help your business prosper. England notes

Jim Devlin, the

Provide no suspected counterfeit money to the person who attempted to make a payment.
Find out as much as you can about the person. fake money
Make contact with police officers right away and hand them the cash.
Invest in pens and tools to help you spot fake currency. fake money that looks real
Another piece of advise for remaining vigilant in your business comes from owner Caleb Klous.

“Observe the energy in the space. Someone new is entering the building. You know, they’re kind of interesting. Pay greater attention to the method of payment they are using. Moreover, have that pen nearby so you can verify the paper. Look for the watermark, you know. The holographic strip should be easy to find, said Klous.

chief of police in Hewitt, also provided the following safety advice to FOX 44 News:Businesses victimized by counterfeit money, including Pee-Crabcakes Wee’s of Texas, will check every cash going forward before using it for in-house dining or takeout orders.