Counterfeit money


UK . A police district in south central Wisconsin is warning residents to be vigilant after a recent spike in instances involving fake currency.

On its Facebook page, the Lake Mills Police Department published information concerning recent instances of fake money being used in retail transactions. Officials intended to alert both citizens and business owners. UK

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Law enforcement gave the following advice on how to spot fake currency:

Always make use of a fake pen.
While a counterfeit pen may not be able to identify every fake currency, it will react to the starches present in the majority of counterfeit paper types.

In order to collect as much real money back in change as possible, the individual handing the fake bill may frequently try to make a small purchase. buy ssd online
According to police, a $4 purchase was made recently with a bogus $100 bill.
The people passing the bills will also try to do it with younger salespeople or staff members who might not be familiar with fake money. buy ssd hard drive
Every $10, $20, $50, and $100 banknotes from the series of 1996 and later, as well as all $5 bills from the series of 1999 and onwards, bear a watermark that features the portrait of the person whose likeness appears on the bill. The watermark can be seen since it is affixed to the paper to the right of the portrait. buy ssd drive

Officials warn people to be informed and alert. There was no more information given. best buy ssd

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If more information becomes available, Local 5 will update this report. buy ssd online india