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Police launched a manhunt in June 2020 for a woman suspected of tricking a number of failing businesses at Pooraka’s Paddy’s Markets in Adelaide’s northern suburbs with counterfeit $50 bills.

The woman initially entered a fresh food market and, appearing calm and collected, grabbed two bags of pretzels, costing $4 total. fake money uk

She then went on to pay for them at the counter with a purportedly fake $50 bill, pocketing the remaining $46 in actual change. live casino fake money

After that, the woman continued to make purchases and simply hand over her fake fifty-dollar bill at three more shops in and near Pooraka’s Paddy’s Markets.

She made a stop at a barbecue stand and bought a $2.50 sausage sandwich with another fake $50 bill.

At a different stop, she went inside a bird shop and bought a $6 perch. This time, the woman got away with her heartless act and real money.


Victims Were Just Getting Back on Their Feet After Being Ordered to Close in Lockdown: A Kick in the Stomach
The con came as a blow to small businesses who were trying to get back on their feet after being forced to shut down for a month during lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, according to the victims of the woman and her fraud group.

Donna Dohnt, a market vendor, said the theft was a hard blow, particularly knowing they


The impact of the woman’s conduct, according to Ms. Dohnt, was extensive. free online poker games with fake money

She must be having difficulty reaching that level, but it affects all of us… It’s a domino effect,” she declared.

Lyndon Goldsmith, the proprietor of Bird Store, claimed that the woman quickly conned him out of his money.

In fact, the woman had already left the area when he realized the note was fake. realistic fake money uk