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The ones that concern us the most are coins made to intentionally deceive a coin collector out of his money. Hundreds of thousands of fake coins are being sold in this country without the required “copy” or “replica” stamped on the coin. Buying coins, especially sight-unseen online, can be harmful to your wallet if you can’t trust the source. Your best protection is education.

Fake Coin Types, & why people counterfeit coinscounterfeit coins for sale

  • Replica or Copy Coins. There are many coins that are so rare and prohibitively expensive that a normal collector would be unable to locate or acquire them. So a collector may choose to add a copy or replica coin to a collection so as to have an example of what a real one would look like. Honest replica and copy coins should be marked by the manufacturer as such.
  • Fantasy Coins – these are coins that never existed. Usually produced to commemorate places or occasions.
  • Contemporary Fake Coins – Coins are meant to circulate along with authentic coins for monetary exchange. When the 1883 Liberty Head nickel was first produced it looked similar to a $5.00 Liberty Head gold coin. So unscrupulous individuals gold plated the nickels so as to appear as a U.S. $5.00 piece. This way when the crook purchased something they received the change of $5.00 for their fraudulent nickel. Fake gold coins are probably the most common to come across.

Methods used to create fake coins

  • Cast Counterfeit. This is the most basic and crudest of all counterfeit coins.
  • Electrotype. Made by impressing a genuine coin into a soft substance and electroplating the negative impression and creating a positive shell.
  • Transfer Die Copy. Involves transferring the coin design to a working die used to strike coins.
  • Spark-Erosion. An electrical process is used to etch a copy of the coin into dying steel.
  • Struck Counterfeit. This involves the hand carving and creation of a model die used to strike coins.

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