Counterfeit pills

buy ssd .Minnesota’s MANKATO (KEYC) – Since a few years ago, the opioid crisis has wracked families and communities, and a recent flurry of arrests indicates that it isn’t abating. buy ssd

This past weekend, the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force detained 34-year-old Dominique Breham for being in possession of 62 grams of cocaine and nearly 800 fake oxycodone pills that were allegedly laced with fentanyl. Last Friday, a jury in Renville County found 20-year-old Wesley Andreason guilty of a fifth-degree controlled substance offense in a case that also involved fake oxycodone pills laced with fentanyl. buy ssd now or wait

According to county officials, the number of drug-related offences has been steadily increasing over the last few years where to buy ssd in singapore


“I recall that when I first started, there weren’t many Fentanyl cases, so today I’m not at all surprised to see it on our caseload. Methamphetamine used to be the only substance, but now it’s more evenly distributed. Fentanyl and methamphetamine are probably split 50/50, according to Renville County Attorney Kelsie Kingstrom. where to buy ssd for macbook air buy ssd drive for desktop

Fentanyl was used in each of these recent occurrences in the garb of another medicine, in this case oxycodone.

County prosecutors think that this drug blending occurs on all scales, fooling both customers and dealers.

“I don’t subscribe to the premise that drug traffickers will tell you they are selling you oxycodone when they are really giving you fentanyl. You would lose clients if that happened, which would be bad for company. The most hazardous aspect of this whole situation, in my opinion, is that these dealers don’t really know what they’re selling. buy ssd uk